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We are excited about air travel. Air travel is perfect in many ways, exemplified by its stellar growth and a rising number of huge businesses built around the promise, including airlines, meta-search engines, OTAs, Trip planning services, Aggregators etc. But, air travel is also broken in many ways, exemplified by bankrupt airlines, commoditization, bad user experience etc. Many of these problems are not easily 'fixable' owing to the complexity of the industry. Part of the complexity is a natural consequence of the nature of the industry, while others are artificial, due to non-availability of better alternatives, which the industry with its large number of players can reach consensus on. We at WinkDom are excited to take a swing at some these artificial problems. Our goal is not to 'disrupt' the air travel industry, but to build products which aid the existing players in improving their products, which sets off a domino effect throughout the industry, benefiting everyone.


Revenue Management gets the credit of turning air travel industry into a sustainable, profitable and growing one. But it has also introduced a lot of inefficiencies into the system. User experience suffers the most. Trip planning is a highly complex process, varying from person to person, from trip to trip. Air tickets are the most important component of most trips. Air tickets also form a big part of the total travel expenditure. But, constantly changing air fares adds to the complexity of trip planning, which is only made worse by caching. Notifare aims to solve this problems, by propagating the fare changes in real time to all the channels, increasing sales for the travel seller and improving the user experience for consumers.

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